3 Regular People Who Became Millionaires with Online Gambling

Online casinos earn profits because of the numerous players who cannot resist betting their money. The odds are always low, so gambling requires not only skill but also large doses of luck. However, when the stars align, then you are in for a world of surprises.

New punters might think winning is impossible. But, here is a list of players who made millions from trying their luck online. Most winners choose to remain anonymous for various reasons, so we only included those who decided to publicize their details.

To date, the biggest win in an online casino happened in 2013. A Finnish man bet 25 cents and received a massive payout of nearly 24 million dollars. Whoever this unknown man is, he undoubtedly has Lady Luck smiling upon him.

  • Jonathan Heywood ($17.2 million)

Jon Heywood was a regular British soldier. To pass the time, he created an account on the online casino, Betway. He was 25 minutes playing Mega Moolah, a slot developed by the award-winning provider, Microgaming. To his utter shock, his spin landed on the jackpot, making him a multi-millionaire overnight.

The soldier used his winnings for the treatment of his ailing father. Aside from other investments, he bought a brand new Bentley Continental GT, which costs around $200,000. The amount is astounding, but it barely made a dent on Jon Heywood’s substantial earnings. For his relatives, he planned to take them on a Mediterranean cruise.

  • Rawiri Pou ($7.4 million)

In 2016, New Zealander Rawiri Pou was playing Mega Moolah on an online gambling site, Casino Land. It was a regular day for the experienced punter, who did not have high expectations as most people do. Gambling was a leisurely pastime, and winning any amount was only a bonus.

Since the odds are rarely in the players’ favor, it was a one in a million chance for hitting the jackpot. Fortunately for Rawiri Pou, that is what happened. The staggering amount left him in shock. The multimillion check is visible online. Rawiri Pou planned to spend his sizable winnings for his family.

  • John Orchard ($7 million)

This British man won the game of a lifetime in 2012. Again, he played the legendary Microgaming slot, Mega Moolah. It is no wonder that people call the game Millionaire Creator. Though only a handful of winners made their information public, numerous anonymous players have won millions on this slot.

If you have not won yet, do not lose hope. Enjoy gambling online as a pastime, and celebrate when you win any amount. You never know when Lady Luck will smile on you.

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