4 Online Casino Games Based on Popular Television Series

Year after year, the entertainment industry has released numerous shows that attracted millions of viewers. These television series served as a way for families and groups to bond, with some of them even developing a cult following.

As such, it is no surprise that software developers used these shows’ popularity to generate interest in the online gambling industry. Even if only a quarter of the enormous fan base decides to try out the game, it will still have a lot of buzz for the booming business. Here is a list of the most popular television shows that software providers made available into a game.

  • Game of Thrones

This fantasy drama broke records throughout its eight-year run based on George R. R. Martin's critically acclaimed novels. The story revolves around the fictitious land of Westeros, divided into seven kingdoms ruled by different families. The series followed several story arcs, and it had the largest ensemble cast on television.

Though the show had some well-known actors like Peter Dinklage, Sean Bean, and Diana Rigg, some like Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams were relative unknowns before it started. By the end of the series, however, each character and family have developed a dedicated fan base.

Game of Thrones has the highest number of Emmy nominations for a television show, with the last season obtaining 32 nods in that year alone.  The much-awaited completion of the novels and the possibility for a TV spinoff keeps the interest going.

  • Family Guy

The next two games on our list are animated series. This sitcom created by Seth MacFarlane is ongoing, with the nineteenth season already renewed by its network. The story focuses on the Griffin family in the imaginary city of Quahog.

The characters’ surreal and dark humor was an instant hit with American viewers, and the show went on to receive numerous awards and nominations. It was so successful that it spawned a franchise. Orion Books and Titan Comics adapted it into paper, while a film is still into production.

  • South Park

This animated sitcom is a classic for viewers of all ages. Four foul-mouthed boys get into shenanigans in the titular town, and the profanity and satirical humor have become part of its charm. We are still waiting for its twenty-fourth season on TV, but the slots version is worth trying, especially with the iconic characters.

  • 24

The last on our list is Kiefer Sutherland’s action-drama series, 24. Apart from its unique format, the show gripped audiences worldwide with its political thriller elements and plot twists that include everything from presidential assassination attempts to bioterrorism. If you have missed Jack Bauer, the slots adaptation will get you hooked with its gameplay and unique bonuses.

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